Physical Therapy, Paralysis, and Difficulty Communicating.

#TBT to when my right leg was paralyzed, and my brain was scrambled by an Anaplastic Astrocytoma making it difficult for me to communicate.🤕 I did my best to play it off (not well apparently 😂), but to go from being smart, to not even knowing what words mean, and wondering if people think you’re stupid… will really fuck with you. I didn’t want to talk to anyone… it was hard, and I was in a state of confusion most of the time. It was embarrassing.😩 Looking at this video shows me how far I have come. 🙌🏼 It’s only been a couple of years, and I work for myself now, running multiple businesses, helping others for a living. ❤ It’s a challenge, and I still struggle, but I am making it happen! 🤙🏼
I never felt sorry for myself, but looking back, I feel bad for the girl in this video, but I made it!😊 Still not back to 💯 normal, but way better, and still improving thanks to all natural methods. 🌱 To say that I am thankful would be an understatement.🙏🏼
If you are dealing with someone with brain cancer or a brain injury, please be understanding. Be kind. Be patient. It’s a hard process for everyone.
Need help? I’m here for you.❤ If you need to talk to me immediately, please schedule a consultation. I would be happy to answer all of your questions and help however I can!

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