What is Magik Roots RSHO?

RSHO! 🙌🏼 This is one of the most popular items in my wellness store! Why? Because it gets results! Unlike any other RSHO I have witnessed, Magik Roots also uses the actual roots of their high quality plants, making it even more complete and effective for healing!

RSHO stands for Rick Simpson Hemp Oil. The difference between regular RSO and RSHO, is that RSO is high in THC, usually from indica strains, and low in CBD. THC is what causes the “high feeling” and can also cause you to fail drug test. THC is sadly illegal in a lot of places.
RSHO, on the other hand, comes from hemp. Hemp is cannabis that is very low THC, and high in CBD. You will not get high, nor fail a drug test from its use. It’s also legal. 😊

Okay so… what is it good for? Almost everything!

Energy boost, dark circles and bags under eyes, Autism, arthritis, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, blood pressure, Fibromiyalgia, dementia, heart health, inflammation, cancer prevention, pain relief, autoimmune diseases, organ function, healing and recovery, and so much more… I’d be here all day if I kept going. 😂

Now Available in 1g and 3g in my wellness store! 🌱  ☝🏼

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Click here to order 3g RSHO

Thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word about natural healing! It means a lot.

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Happy Healing! 🌱 I love you. ❤️

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