Yes. I Answer my DM’s!

People are often very surprised when I respond to their requests for help, or answer their questions for free. I started @melanawellness and @melanacares to educate people and help them get natural healing using the same methods that helped saved me.

My wellness store was created when people kept requesting the products that I used during my battle with illness, so I provided those products to make it easier for the people who needed it. ❤️

I do what I do to help people. I hate that people are suffering, unnecessarily. If you DM me, I am not going to leave you hanging. I will respond because I know what it feels like to be suffering and not know what to do. Please be patient, as I get hundreds of messages daily. I don’t do phone calls, and I will not open voice messages. Voice to text if you don’t want to type. I love you guys! ❤️

For more info about natural healing click here!

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