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Need Help With Breast Cancer?  Breast Cancer Consultation in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Hey! Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a lot of people have been contacting me, and asking for  guidance with breast cancer.  Thanks to you guys spreading the word, I have been successfully assisted countless people in their healing, and I have no plans to stop any time soon!  So, to answer as many people as possible, I have comprised a full in depth article from a past breast cancer consultation. It has nutritional information, product recommendations, dosing info and more! Check it out and share it with anyone you know who......

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C-1 for Cancer Patients. A Great Daily Supplement!

C-1 (Cancer) is an organic herbal supplement that I took dailyduring my battle with brain cancer. I personally recommend it to all cancer patients to help their body heal. It contains all organic: 🌿 Shave Grass🌿Comfrey Root🌿Aloe Vera Resin🌿Yellow Dock🌿Barberry Root🌿Dandelion Root 🌿Garlic 🌿And Capsicum It contains no cannabis. I took two capsules 2 times a day in conjunction with my other meds, herbs, and treatments. The capsicum inside helps to amplify, and increase the effects of the herbs and supplements that you are already taking, such as RSO. You will need......

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