Happy 420 My People! 😊🌱

https://youtube.com/shorts/yOPbuYjAgZ8?feature=share Happy 420 my people! 🌱 I love cannabis, it saved my life! ❤️I will continue to educate people around the world about its healing properties because people need to know! I will continue donating it to the people who need it, because I wouldn’t be alive if someone didn’t do the same for me.🙏🏼 […]

The Best Cannabis in all of Jamaica!

Oh Jamaica! 🇯🇲 The natives showed us so much love! ❤️ We had the honor of receiving a tour of a beautiful 100% organic cannabis field located on a natural mineral spring in Orange Hill, Jamaica. And not only is it the home of the best cannabis in Jamaica, it’s the best in the whole […]