Cannabis for Seizures! Get a Doctors Recommendation for Children

It’s such a cold game! 😡 If you are in  looking for a cannabis doctor for your child so you can get a recommendation and not have to worry about going to jail, or having your child taken away, contact me, and I will help you. You shouldn’t have to live in fear when you […]

Parents!!! Cannabis is Safer!

I will never understand why parents won’t go the natural route for their children with seizures. Cannabis is a natural healing plant! It saved my life, now I help others get healing using the same methods that saved me!!! 🌱

Childhood Brain Cancer Irradicated in the Philippines!

More good news!!! This message is from the mother of 9 year old brain cancer patient from the Phillipines, who is now cancer free and eating again thanks to RSO, and natural methods!!! I’m going to keep sharing until you understand that you can heal with nature, no matter how bad things may seem. Fuck […]