Oh… You Gotta Try Harder Than That To Take Me Out!!! F*CK CANCER!

Oh.. You gotta try harder than that to take me out! Fuck you cancer! Fuck you autoimmune diseases. Fuck you illness! I am on a mission to help people get healing with natural methods. 🌱 I hate that people are suffering and dying when there is help! The families that I am consulting are getting […]


I’m all booked up today, but you can schedule your consultation to get on my appointment list for next week before all slots are taken.😉 If you have messaged me asking for advice, I get hundreds of messages daily from around the world, so please schedule a consultation if you need me. I’d be happy […]

Yes, Your Doctor Can Be Present for Your Consultation

You can have whomever you’d like join your consultation. 😉 Doctors, lawyers, your employers, your whole family, social workers, skeptical friends, whatever, and whomever you need to feel comfortable and to make it the most effective, and productive for you. Like I said, I am here to help, and I mean it. This is what […]