Jamaican Sunrise

Inhaling 🇯🇲 finest while watching the sunrise. All I can think about is how blessed I am. Thank you Jamaica! You have been so good to me. One Love! ❤️

The Best Cannabis in all of Jamaica!

Oh Jamaica! 🇯🇲 The natives showed us so much love! ❤️ We had the honor of receiving a tour of a beautiful 100% organic cannabis field located on a natural mineral spring in Orange Hill, Jamaica. And not only is it the home of the best cannabis in Jamaica, it’s the best in the whole […]

Swimming with Dolphins in Jamaica!

When I was sick, I would have never been able to do this! This was what I did for my birthday in Jamaica, and it was epic! I felt like kid! Living my dreams! My dolphin Miguel tried to make out with me, and didn’t stop when the trainer told him to. I def felt […]