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Childhood Brain Cancer Irradicated in the Philippines!

More good news!!! This message is from the mother of 9 year old brain cancer patient from the Phillipines, who is now cancer free and eating again thanks to RSO, and natural methods!!! I’m going to keep sharing until you understand that you can heal with nature, no matter how bad things may seem. Fuck cancer! Fuck illness! If you need help, I am here for you.🙏🏼 ❤ I am so happy to be alive, and to get to help others get healing! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Follow 👉🏼@melanawellness👈🏼 🌱www.melanawellness.com🌱...

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3 Month Brain Scans

FlashbackFriday To when I had to get scans on my brain every 3 months. After this scan they told me that there was no evidence of disease, but my brain had so much scar tissue that I wouldnt make a full recovery without surgery… I declined, and let RSO, and natural medicine do the rest, and look at me today!😊🤙🏼. I think a terminal cancer diagnosis is a traumatic event, and a lot of us suffer from PTSD after it. I used to have terrible scanxiety. I am so thankful to have......

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How Do You Deal With Scanxiety?

  2 years ago today- shortly after being diagnosed with brain cancer. I had a goofy hospital gown photoshoot to try to keep my spirits up, and to distract myself from how terrified I really was. To say that I am grateful for how far I have come would be an understatement! #ThankYouGod🙏……. Yeah, im workin it! That hospital gown swag! Don’t hate! LoL! I got here for one appointment, and ended up with two!!! Aaaaaaaaarrrrggh! Oh well, I wont complain, but in the meantime, ill just strike a pose. When life......

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