The Entourage Effect

RSO is a whole plant medicine, which is why it works so well. There is a synergy when you use the whole plant. A lot of people ask me why their tumors havent shrunk from taking various THC products, but it’s because that’s all it was. Only THC. THC is necessary, but if you strip […]

Another Person Beating Brain Cancer Naturally!

This is why I do it!🙌🏼 Another person beating brain cancer the natural way! Congrats!!! 👊🏼🙌🏼✊🏼😊🎉 I have so many clients from all over the world, and nothing makes me happier than when they share their successes with me! If you follow my advice, and do whatever it takes, you will get the results you […]

Oh… You Gotta Try Harder Than That To Take Me Out!!! F*CK CANCER!

Oh.. You gotta try harder than that to take me out! Fuck you cancer! Fuck you autoimmune diseases. Fuck you illness! I am on a mission to help people get healing with natural methods. 🌱 I hate that people are suffering and dying when there is help! The families that I am consulting are getting […]

RSO and Endometriosis (Testimonial)

If you have a story, share it! . Two weeks taking RSO for my endometriosis and ovarian cysts ….you can do this naturally, ladies. You can heal yourselves. First photo is the day before i got my rso in. The last photo is actually not even a full two weeks after. It’s a week and […]

Hemp is Just Cannabis with Low THC Content

There is so much confusion on this topic, so imma do my best to make it easy. Hemp is just cannabis with low THC, and usually, high CBD. A lot of people think hemp is a whole other plant, but check it out! Does it look different to you?🌱 Still cannabis right? These are organic […]

What are Cannabinoids?

There is more to cannabis than just CBD and THC. 🌱 There are 111 other cannabinoids… all of them important when it comes to healing. You need the whole plant, not just part of it. Do your research! Find out what you really need to get relief! Don’t waste your money on ineffective products. I […]

Cannabinoids and Healing

CBD and THC are 2 of the most popular cannabinoids… there are 113! What about the remaining 111 cannabinoids that exist, and all of their healing properties? 🌱 That’s why I am all about that full plant magic… the synergistic entourage effect! People come to me confused because they havent received relief from their THC […]

How Cannabis Destroys Cancer Cells While Leaving Healthy Cells Alone

Cannabis oil (RSO) killed my brain tumor within 9 months of starting the treatment of taking a minimum of 1 gram per day. My doctors told me it wasnt a real treatment, and I would die… but look at me, still livin and shit! I am cancer free, and doing great! If I would have […]

This Plant Has Many Names, I Call it Medicine

It’s my medicine, and it saved my life in the form of full extract cannabis oil aka RSO aka FECO. Nothing else worked when I was dying of brain cancer, but this plant did what the doctors couldn’t. I am now cancer free after having an aggressive, inoperable brain tumor. I know what it’s done […]