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RSO and Parkinson's Disease

Lots of people ask me about the effects of cannabis oil on Parkinson’s, and will it help? I always say yes, and I have several clients who have had tremendous results, but I can show you better than I can tell you, so I will continue to post videos and info. 😉 🌱 Cannabis oil (RSO) saved my life and I am on a mission to spread awareness, and help as many people as possible. If you need help, I am here....

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Cannabis and Parkinson's Disease

RSO and Parkinson’s… I’ll be here all day, folks! I know the power of cannabis oil, I just want you guys to understand how real it is. Hopefully these posts can help improve someone’s quality of life. I love you guys.❤️ If you want to learn more about RSO, after you finish educating yourself here, there is more info at www.phoenixtears.ca. If you need help, I am here for you....

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RSO & Parkinson's: Client Testimonial

RSO for the win, again! 🙌🏼 I titled this RSO and Parkinson’s to get the attention of people who are suffering from tremors, but my client also experienced relief from anxiety, and pain as well. 😁 (I haven’t seen Parkinson’s patients get full relief from tremors without using THC. It takes more than CBD) I just want you guys to understand that there are alternatives that work! Natural healing baby. 🤙🏼 Don’t be scared of it.🌱 If you have questions about RSO, a great info resource phoenixtears.ca or you can Google Rick......

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