RSO aka Relaxation & Sleep Oil 😴

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) aka Relaxation Sleep Oil (RSO) 😴🀣 When taken in the proper doses, it will give you the best sleep ever! If you have insomnia, you won’t with RSO, and you will wake up feeling energetic and restored. 😁 If you’re just starting out, all it takes is a 1/3 rice grain […]

Testimonial Tuesday Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relieved After One Dose!

Rheumatoid Arthritis pain relieved after her first dose of a 1:1 cannabis oil! (RSO/FECO) I recommend 1:1s for conditions caused by inflammation. Why are they called 1:1’s? That is the ratio of THC to CBD. 1 part THC, 1 part CBD. The CBD paired with the THC helps to really combat the inflammation and provide […]

Testimonial Tuesday: Knee Pain Gone and Finally Sleeping!

I’m in Hawaii, it’s my anniversary and im not supposed to be working, but it is Testimonial Tuesday, and I have tons of them, so I gotta share! I live for your success stories, and I thank you all for sharing, and trusting me with your health. It means more than you’ll know. I love […]

Taking my RSO on the Plane Before my Flight!

I don’t go anywhere without my RSO. Its my medicine, and the reason I am still alive! I wont ever stop helping people and spreading awareness about cannabis oil. Please make sure you know the laws of where you are traveling before carrying RSO on a flight. I have never had any issues. DO NOT […]

Psoriasis, Arthritis, Acne & Insomnia Relief (Testimonial)

A few people have recently messaged me about psoriasis so I thought this might help. πŸ˜‰ I love when you guys share your success with me and others! Thank you @johnandbilly21 your story helps helps more people than you can imagine. πŸ™πŸΌ RSO is for everyone, and it’s not just for cancer… it’s for just […]

RSO Helps You Sleep: A Testimonial

Everyday I wake up to messages like these! I love what I do. I apologize for being so busy that I haven’t been posting more success stories… But I’m working on it! I am so glad to be able to help people get natural healing regardless of the ailment! To say that I am thankful […]

Appointments, Testing, and Procedures “Go to sleep, they said, ” jokes Melana during a sleep study that would later diagnose her with Narcolepsy. #TBT to when everyday was a different appointment or procedure. I was miserable, and the doctors did their best to figure out how to help me using their methods, to no avail. Their only answers […]