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RSO Without the High! CBD RSHO!

This is CBD RSHO… Perfect for daytime use. I often use this product for my clients who want to take RSO, but can’t have THC for whatever reason, and it is also great to add to your daily regiment. A lot of people supplement this with their RSO, using RSHO in the day to give them energy, and RSO in the evening to sleep. This is an RSO made from high quality hemp. It gets amazing results without the high. It is my number one 0.3% THC product with all 113 cannabinoids.......

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RSO & Parkinson's: Client Testimonial

RSO for the win, again! 🙌🏼 I titled this RSO and Parkinson’s to get the attention of people who are suffering from tremors, but my client also experienced relief from anxiety, and pain as well. 😁 (I haven’t seen Parkinson’s patients get full relief from tremors without using THC. It takes more than CBD) I just want you guys to understand that there are alternatives that work! Natural healing baby. 🤙🏼 Don’t be scared of it.🌱 If you have questions about RSO, a great info resource phoenixtears.ca or you can Google Rick......

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GOT RSO?!? - What Rick Simpson Oil Personally Did for Me.

Got RSO?!? I do! 🙋🏽‍♀️ It is the ultimate green health supplement! 😊 I will tell you what it personally did for me, and you will understand why am so serious about helping people with it. Cannabis oil (RSO/FECO) IM NOT TALKING ABOUT CBD OIL, THIS IS WHOLE PLANT OIL WITH THC! 1. Stopped my seizures – haven’t had one since the first day I took it. 2. Relieved my excruciating pain 3. Eased my muscle spasms and tremors 4. Cured my insomnia 5. Lowered my blood pressure 6. Healed my skin......

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