Cannabis is More than CBD!

CBD didn’t save me. I actually never received relief from CBD only products, and that is normal for someone dealing with chronic pain and illness. I have a lot of clients who come to me after not seeing any relief from their CBD. Keep in mind, CBD is only 1 of 113 cannabinoids, and all products are not created equal. Do your research, and if you dont, please at least make sure the product is organic so you dont cause yourself more harm than good. Most of my clients are chronically ill and have no time or money to waste on BS. We need real healing, and not temporary relief. 🌱
I used the full plant! The whole plant synergy is magical! A high THC RSO relieved my pain, and killed my aggressive brain tumor, on top of other herbs, and an alkaline diet. Your situation may require something different, everyone is not the same. I’m just tired of seeing people suffer and die because they didnt know what they needed to heal, it hurts and effects so many. That’s why I do what I do.. If you need help, I’m here for you. Educate yourself!!!🙏🏼 Love you guys.❤@cannaconsultant1

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