Powerful Pain Relieving Dragon Ointment by Master Growers! Real Topical Relief!

Yes, I got it! The only topical to ever give me relief is right here available in my wellness store. Master Growers Dragon Ointment is back!
When I was first given this product, I was told it would provide powerful relief as soon as I used it. I laughed because I am a skeptic, and no other topical ointments had helped to relieve my aches and pains, so I simply didn’t believe it. I took the ointment and applied it to the most painful area of my neck. I rubbed it in for a good 10 seconds, and when I moved my head to the side, it cracked multiple times because my muscles were immediately loosened. I got excited and went back to apply more to the painful area… But guess what?!? I couldn’t find it! I was amazed and an immediate believer. A little bit goes a long way! I am so glad to have it available for you guys at the lowest price. Enjoy it! If you need help, I’m here. πŸ™πŸΌ
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Our fast-acting CBD Dragon topical delivers pure, potent relief where you need it most.
This powerful topical contains 50% essential oils. The terpenes contained in essential oils ensure the delivery of precious cannabinoids to receptors within the epidermis.
Apply a small amount of ointment directly to affected area, as needed.
Rub on temples and back of the neck for migraine relief.
Apply to chest to relieve tightness and congestion.
INGREDIENTS: Bees wax, Argan oil, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E oil, CBD, essential oils of black pepper, camphor, cajuput, frankincense, marjoram, clove, birch, iodine, basil, and ginger.
1 oz. jar contains 100mg CBD.

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