RSO aka Relaxation & Sleep Oil 😴

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) aka Relaxation Sleep Oil (RSO) 😴🀣

When taken in the proper doses, it will give you the best sleep ever! If you have insomnia, you won’t with RSO, and you will wake up feeling energetic and restored. 😁

If you’re just starting out, all it takes is a 1/3 rice grain amount, and when you’re ready, you work your way up to a full rice grain. Click here for dosing info.

RSO is high in THC which can cause a “high” and failed drug test. To avoid the high completely by bypassing the liver, you can use suppositories.

If you cant have THC in your system for work, a drug test, or whatever reason, you can still use RSO, just without the THC. If this is your situation RSHO is your best alternative and is available in my wellness store. It is a CBD RSO. πŸ™πŸΌ Click here to order RSHO

More info and testimonials are available on my website. Type in your keyword in the search bar to find specfic results.

If you have questions that you couldn’t find the answer to on my site, DM me on Instagram or email me, or use the contact form on, you will be assisted ASAP. Please be patient, as I get hundreds of messages daily. I love you guys. ❀️

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