RSO and Endometriosis (Testimonial)

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Two weeks taking RSO for my endometriosis and ovarian cysts ….you can do this naturally, ladies. You can heal yourselves. First photo is the day before i got my rso in. The last photo is actually not even a full two weeks after. It’s a week and 5 days. I was so skeptical bc everything has failed me but after 20 years with this bloody disease, pun intended, I’ve done all the possible research one human being can do and this was my last resort and here I fucking AM. I’m alive again. In comparison to how I feel now It was like I was walking around upside down and trying to be taken seriously that way. My mind was so altered by my hormonal imbalance and the deficiency in my endocannabanoid system that I was like a diabetic walking around without their insulin and if you have endo and aren’t taking rso YOU ARE TOO. If you aren’t taking this as apart of your treatment regiment you are missing the #1 key component in resolving what is causing your endometriosis. I’ve killed myself doing a plant based diet, yoga and working out like a fiend for hours a day, and western medicine for 20 years with no results. Because i wasn’t treating the SOURCE. You are rightfully tired of BANDAIDS. You’ve wanted to get to the source of the problem right? Well here you go. I’m here to help you always. I’m not going anywhere. Posting this photo is the hardest thing bc ive always been 110lbs my entire adult life until I experienced an almost fatal ectopic pregnancy. My body had been on a rapid decline since until I discovered organic, completely natural Rick Simpson Oil through my girl, @cannaconsultant1 and my life is changing daily. I’m documenting it all so you can see…

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