Run Your RSO Syringe Under Warm Water if it is Hard to Push Out

A lot of people struggle with getting RSO out of syringes, especially the 10g/ml syringes because it’s so thick, so let’s make things easier on ourselves.😉
I have yet to regain full strength in my right hand from before I got sick, so it’s pretty weak at times. I don’t want to struggle and strain, so I just run my syringe under warm water for a minute and it makes it easy to push out. Voila! Just like that. It will melt it to be more like a liquid, so be careful not to push out too much! I love you guys, ❤️ and I’m here for you if you need me. 🙏🏼
👉🏼@melanasmith85 @melanawellness 👈🏼

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