The Effects of Cannabis Oil (RSO/FECO) on Cerebral Palsy & Seizure Disorder!

This is why I do this!!! Peter after 45 minutes of taking RSO!🙌🏼The whole video and amazing story is available on my YouTube. Link below and in the comments.
Please like and share his story. Spread the word!!! It can help more people than you can imagine!

Below is a message I received on my Instagram along with videos, & pics. It made me cry seeing his transformation.  This is exactly why I do what I do.

Hi! The first video is before Peter ever had RSO.  The 2nd is 45min later.  He begins to regain movement, light comes on in his eyes.  This amazing miracle of life you are showing people was able to give his mom some of her boy back.  He doesn’t wake up im the mid of the night in pain.  I was more interested in you knowing what a good thing you have done.  Regardless, I really hope you see this, and know you gave me the courage to gain the knowledge to help others where doctors fall short because of $.  God Bless.

This is another photo of Peter  before and after… The same day!  He missed his morning RSO dose.  He takes it with mango puree via his feeding tube as I showed his Mom 1yr and half ago, but putting it on his gums durring a respiratory attack in the ICU quite possibly saved his life by keeping a 15yr old out of incubation, they often don’t come out. When nothing worked she made the doctors wait while she ran to the car for the RSO!  Talk about RSO to the rescue. He has also tested no Seizure activity for the first time since EVER as of last month!! I cant get over how this can help so many hurting people… but I wont be a broken record He is the most beautiful soul with a contagious smile that changed me forever.  God Bless this plant, and brave people like You, Peter, and his Mom!
Thanks again for all you do!

If you have a story about how I have helped you with RSO, please make a video and send it to me at 🙏🏼 You can make a difference! I love you guys! ♥️

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