15 Days & Counting – Seizure Free After Quitting Meds

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Totally awesome! RSO for the win, again, and I am so glad to have helped!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ If you are in the New Jersey area, and need some assistance, stop by @thenjcbdshop. Tell em I sent ya! πŸ˜‰ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #testimonialtuesday . This is a huge deal.. Rob stopped taking his seizure meds on September 1, 2019. Back in March.. his doctor had switched his seizure meds and barely with an interruption from the old to the new.. He had a seizure no less than 12 hours afterward.. his last seizure was on July 15, 2019.. He was on Vimpat 200mg twice a day..and clearly that did nothing.. The dr wanted to add more seizure medication to his regimen but he had decided that was enough.. We finally got our hands on pure THC oil..all his symptoms have subsided.. He’s had no seizures and he is finally gaining weight back. He lost about 30-35 lbs over the course of treatment. His last weight was 148..they reweighed him on Friday and he was back up to 151. ALL THANKS TO THC OIL. THIS IS REAL MEDICINE. THIS IS OUR SAVIOR. THANK YOU CANNABIS!! . #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #thcoil #thc #seizurefree #cbd #cbdforcancer #thcforcancer #thcforseizures #gbm #glioblastoma #astrocytoma #braincancer #fuckcancer #tomsriver #downtowntomsriver #thecbdshop #thenjcbdshop #rso #cannabisoil #ricksimpsonoil #seizures #cannabissavedmylife

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