THC Kills Cancer Cells Through Apoptosis

THC induces a process called “Apoptosis”. A-pap-toe-sis Apoptosis is a process that happens to all healthy cells. Just like all living beings, cells are meant to be born, live their life and then expire. Healthy cells die in two ways: through necrosis and through apoptosis. In necrosis, a cell is damaged by an external force such as an injury, a poison, an infection or a drastic cutting off of blood supply.
Apoptosis, on the other hand, can be thought of as the “clean” means of cell death. Between 50 and 70 billion cells in your body die each day as a result of apoptosis– and this is a good thing. The process of apoptosis leads to cell regeneration, cellular morphogenesis, the maintenance of healthy tissue and the elimination of harmful cells.

Cancer is basically dead cells that don’t die. They multiply and spread. Cannabis consumption or thc rather, not only prevents spreading but actually demands those “dead cancerous cells” to commit suicide and to die off. 🙂 cannabis is for all of us.

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