Black Diamond RSO from Master Growers is Back!

I am so excited to share this news. Black Diamond RSO from Master Growers is back, and I got it! During my battle with brain cancer I used to travel far to the dispensaries to get this oil for my treatment. It was difficult for me to afford, but the universe made a way for me to actually meet the owner of the company who allowed me to be a director, and distribute the products, which made it so that I could afford mine! Amazing, right?! Master Growers was the only RSO that I was using, and distributing… then they stopped producing RSO, but they’re back!!! This premium RSO is licensed, and tested and provided by the number 1 wellness company. I am going to be working on getting this oil in every dispensary because quality RSO should be in every dispensary. You shouldnt have to suffer when there is relief! If you need help, I am here for you. 🙏🏼
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Black Diamond Alcohol Clear Oil is one of the purest forms of THC & CBD available containing minimum of 70% THC. Unlike CO2 and solvent produced extracts, ACO whole plant cannabis extract leaves all the cannabinoids, terpenes and all other plant constituents in place. Our fully winter- ized and decarboxylated 70% THC oil provides a full spec- trum healthy oil with a robust avor and a natural whole plant color. Chlorophyll, lipids, and waxes are isolated and removed during the extraction process yielding a smoother product, easier for your body to absorb. Master Growers Black Diamond ACO whole plant cannabis extract is specially formulated for patients who desire an all-natural, organic alternative to the standard solvent based, CO2 and butane cannabis oils currently available. INGREDIENTS: Black Diamond ACO 70% THC oil, organic fractionated coconut oil and terpenes.

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