Cannabis Oil 101: How to take RSO for beginners! (VIDEO)

How to take cannabis oil for beginners. I will have a better video for you soon, but I made this back in the day to help people who were clueless about dosing, like I was when I first started.The first time I took RSO, I was given a whole spoonful of it right out of a jar. I swallowed it. I was high AF, but my excruciating pain subsided almost immediately, I got an appetite, which I hadn’t had in months I was under 100 lbs from not being able to keep food down, I didn’t vomit after eating, I actually slept through the night, and my seizures stopped. Yeah, this oil is life, it saved mine, and I will continue to take it everyday! A good info resource on RSO is I love you guys, and if you need me, I am here for you. Feel free to schedule a time for us to talk by visiting to schedule a consultation. I would love to answer all of your questions and help however I can! 🙏🏼

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