Making Cannabis Oil (RSO/FECO) Burning Off the Solvent and Decarbing

I help people make their own RSO too! Teaching some friends how to make their own oil in their backyard. 😊
In this step, it has just come from the distiller, now it’s time to burn off of the residual solvent. The magnetic stirrer is also a heater. When it heats up, it decarboxylates the oil while removing the remainder of the 200 proof ethanol, which is the only solvent I have used. You know it’s done when there are no more bubbles! 🌱

One gallon of ethanol is used for each lb of cannabis. Each lb. of cannabis yielded about 35 – 40 grams of oil.

I love educating people about RSO!
I love making it and teaching others to make it.
I love the healing that it provides.
I love plant medicine! ❤️❤️❤️

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