RSO and Diarrhea!

When I first started using RSO, I would get the shits aka diarrhea! 😣 I knew the RSO was cleansing… but damn! I would go to the bathroom, and when I was done, it would smell like pounds of weed (which was embarrassing and bad while at work.🤦🏽‍♀️) Now it only happens when I take a lot, and with certain strains… but it still happens, but after any bloat and inflammation from my body are gone! Some people get constipated, which is crazy because I am the exact opposite, but everyone is different and trying to heal from a different thing, so our bodies respond differently. But either way, RSO works!
Your diet is key! If you are constipated, drink more alkaline water and intake lots of fiber. CKLS is a great organic herb combination for cleansing if you need a detox. {Link in bio}
I havent shared this part of my story, for obvious reasons🤣… but I know itll help someone, and help spread awareness, which I am all about. I put myself out there so people can see they arent alone.

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