VIDEO: Have you ever worked with dogs?
I can’t count how many dogs I have helped with RSO. People come to me for assistance with their fur babies, and I am happy to help! Here are the dosing instructions.

If this is your dogs first experience with RSO, you should start off very slowly. Dogs are extremely sensitive to THC, so take a tiny drop of RSO from your syringe, or container and apply it directly to the top of a toothpick.

From there you are going to rub the contents from the toothpick on to your index finger, and apply it to your dogs gums by lifting their rubbing your finger on their gums. I know it may seem like nothing, but trust me, it is a lot for a dog who is new to it. Your dog will seem a little lethargic and drowsy. That is complete normal. Make sure that your dog has access to water at all times.

You can increase the dosage accordingly. Use your judgment and do what is best for your dog.

Please do not attempt to give your dog large amounts of RSO in attempt to heal them faster. You can hurt them by doing so. Just trust the process.

CBD is great for dogs whether they have a chronic illness or not. Its a great everyday supplement. Click here to order organic Pet CBD from my wellness store.

You are not I’m here if you need me. 🙏🏼

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