Smoking Cannabis Did Not Save My Life, But Eating it Did!

When I tell people that cannabis saved my life, they assume that I am talking about smoking it, but smoking when I was sick, only made my head hurt worse, and did nothing but aggravate my condition.🤕🤢🤮 It provided me with zero relief. (Sucks, I know!) Cannabis saved my life by ingesting it in a whole plant cannabis extract. 🌱

The best (RSO) is made from indica dominant strains and grain alcohol. All organic, of course. 💯 Its a thick, dark, black, pure cannabis extract of healing. People think if they just “smoke some weed,” that it will cure their cancer… Sorry to let you down, but that is highly unlikely. 🤔

Cannabis oil (RSO/FECO) is the most potent, medicinal, healing, cannabis product that exists. It is a powerful full plant cannabis concentrate. Not just CBD, not only THC, but all the goodness the whole plant has to offer. People who have been smoking for years are completely blown away at the immediate relieving effects of RSO. One tiny drop gets a long way. Can it get you high? Completely, lol… but it’s all in the dosing.
Do you need help?🙏🏼 Do you want healing without the high? I am here for you! ❤

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