THC is the Real Cancer Killer – Rick Simpson Speaks!

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People keep asking me for CBD only products for their cancers when they NEED THC!!! That's why you aren't getting the results that you seek. Organic RSO with THC is what you need. 🌱 Why are you scared of the high from THC, but not the high from the opioids that are prescribed to you? 🤷🏽‍♀️ When people learned I had brain cancer they would always tell me I needed CBD, and tell me how much it would benefit me, but when I took it, I got no relief from any of my symptoms. My friend who had a brain tumor told me about how RSO worked to kill his tumor, and that I needed to take it ASAP. As soon as I took it, I got immediate relief, and it gave me hope that I would survive. 🌱 My doctors told me that I would die within 2 years, and that was with radiation/chemo. I opted out, and used full extract cannabis oil (RSO) which my doctors said "wasn't a real treatment", but after 6 months of progress and tumor shrinkage, they instructed me to "keep doing what I had been doing" 😉😋 🌱 CBD helps with anti inflammation, but THC deactivates cancer cells via apoptosis. THC is a great pain killer, THC is a great appetite stimulant, THC is great for sleep and relaxation so that your body can heal. You don't have to get high to use RSO, you just have to know how dose it appropriately. I love you guys♥️ Need help? I am here for you. 🙏🏼 Follow 👉🏼@melanawellness 👈🏼 🌱 🌱 . . . #RSO #medicalmarijuana #cannabisoil #cannabis #mmj #cannabiseducation #feco #cannabisawareness #herbal #marijuana #plantbased #naturalmedicine #cbd #thc #positivevibes #inspiration #alternativemedicine #healing #ricksimpsonoil #fuckcancer #cancersucks #cancer #Cannabisismedicine #cannabissavedmylife #cancersurvivor #lifeaftercancer #cancerfighter

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