The Entourage Effect

RSO is a whole plant medicine, which is why it works so well. There is a synergy when you use the whole plant. A lot of people ask me why their tumors havent shrunk from taking various THC products, but it’s because that’s all it was. Only THC. THC is necessary, but if you strip out the rest of the plant, you strip away the rest of its healing power. 🌱 There’s more to cannabis than CBD and THC. Do your research before putting products in your bodies, ESPECIALLY if you are using them to help treat your ailments. 🙏🏼
Dr. Oz was right. Most of the stuff out there is trash. At least make sure its organic so u dont hurt yourselves. I love you guys, and I just want you to understand so that you can get the relief you seek. ❤ I am here for you if you need me.

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