There is More to Cannabis than CBD!

I keep telling people the cannabis saved my life, and they keep reducing it to CBD. NOT TRUE! RSO… The whole plant and its 113 cannabinoids saved my life! THC, CBN, THCA… all of it! If I would have only taken CBD, I would have died. CBD is just 1 cannabinoid! What about the rest? Thats why people take some CBD and see no results. All products are not created equal. The whole plant and all of its 113 cannabinoids saved my life because I consumed whole plant oil. Do your research!!! I only use organic products, and that is all I will ever take and recommend to my clients. Know what you are putting in your bodies, especially when using it to treat ailments and diseases. Be careful out there! 🌱
If you need help, I am here for you.🙏🏼 🌱

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