What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) aka Full Exctract Cannabis (FECO) Oil Good For? Almost Everything!

Melana Smith @melana23smith aka @cannaconsultant1 aka @melanawellness on Instagram

If video doesn’t play, click here. RSO helped save my life, and ever since seeing its healing power firsthand, it has been my mission to spread the word, educate, and help people get natural healing. 🌱

RSO isn’t just for people with cancer or chronic ailments, it’s one of the best health supplements that exists, and it’s great for all ages and conditions! 😊

RSO contains THC, which can get you high (dont worry, you wont get high if following my dosing protocol, or if using suppositories) and may cause you to fail a drug test… But it has so many amazing benefits!

If you need to stay away from THC for your job, or other reasons, RSHO is your best bet! It’s RSO made from hemp, so it has a lot of CBD and almost zero THC. It’s available in my wellness store, and will not cause you to get high or fail a drug test. 💯

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