Why I Don’t Take RSO Sublingually! 😝

This is why I don’t take my RSO sublingually.
When taking large amounts, you can’t put all of that under your tongue, so I make it easy on myself, and just swallow. 😝😊

If it does get stuck on your teeth, just drink something warm and it will melt, dissolve, and clear your mouth and teeth.

Thanks for sharing my videos and helping spread awareness about natural healing. 🌱 I couldn’t do it without you! 🙌🏼 People need to know that there are natural options for healing, and you don’t have to poison yourself, and destroy your body to get relief! ❤️

If you sent me a message, please be patient as I get hundreds of messages daily. I am doing my best, and I will respond ASAP.
Bombarding me with messages won’t get you a faster response, it will actually do the contrary. I love you guys. ❤️

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