Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine are Changing my Life!

If video doesn’t play, click HERE. Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine are changing my life!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I started a month ago after dealing with some hormonal issues that I nor Western medicine had absolutely any answers for. I learned from my first visit that I have had a kidney issue since birth and it has […]

You’ve Been Asking…

Click here to play video.Β  Thank you for all the love! ❀️ To all of my new subscribers & followers… Hi! Allow me to answer some questions for you. I was diagnosed with a plethora of diseases and disorders, an Anaplastic Astrocytoma being the worst. I declined traditional treatments. No chemo, no radiation. I also […]

I Take it Every Night Before Bed. 😴

Every night before bed. 😴 What is it? 🌱 Cannabis oil (FECO) aka Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and it has so many other names. If you would like more information, my website is loaded with free info… tutorials, dosage charts, nutritional guides, testimonials and more! I even have videos on how to make your own […]

Stage 4 GBM… GONE! Testimonial Tuesday!

Click and watch the video on Tiktok! Stage 4 GBM (brain cancer 🧠) You have been cancelled! Evicted! Terminated! Cancer, GONE!!!!πŸ™ŒπŸΌNatural healing for the win, again!!!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey, and for keeping me updated with your progress. It means so much! ❀️ If you or a […]

Cannabis Oil RSO/FECO Helped Kill My Inoperable Brain Tumor! Now I Take it Daily!

This oil is the best general health supplement that I have ever witnessed!Eventhough many cancer patients use it to heal, it’s not only for cancer patients! It’s good for everyone!It helps with…1. Appetite2. Regulates your body’s systems through homeostasis 3. Diabetes4. Seizures5. Cancer6. Blood pressure7. Weight loss8. Pain9. Insomnia10. Inflammation11. Autoimmune diseases12. Nerve IssuesEtc…. I […]

Making Cannabis Oil (RSO/FECO) Burning Off the Solvent and Decarbing

I help people make their own RSO too! Teaching some friends how to make their own oil in their backyard. 😊In this step, it has just come from the distiller, now it’s time to burn off of the residual solvent. The magnetic stirrer is also a heater. When it heats up, it decarboxylates the oil […]

Filtering Cannabis Oil (FECO/ RSO) With A Coffee Filter! EASY!

Click here for video Just some basic filtering of RSO at home. I just wanted to show you how easy this step is. πŸ˜‰ After you strain the plant material from the solvent, you will need to filter it to remove the other impurities and plant matter. No need to do extra with the […]

Maxine’s Experience with Melana & Master Chief Vape Cartridges!

Maxine was courageous enough to share a part of her story with us. If you knew her whole story, you would know how amazingly strong she is. I am so glad I could help her get some relief! I can’t wait to hear the news after she starts using RSO! Thanks Maxine! πŸ™πŸΌ Find […]

2 REMISSION REPORTS from my Clients in 1 Morning!

I received reports from two of my clients this AM. They are in remission! Synovial Sarcoma – – GONE! Breast Cancer – no evidence of disease! Turn up! We are celebrating! F*ck it up! F*ck it up! F*CK CANCER! To all of my clients in remission, or are healing from their ailments, congratulations!!! I am […]