Finally Diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma

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I'm home guys! Don't worry, I am okay. I have just been in tremendous pain recently and had to make sure it wasnt really serious. Thank you to all who reached out to me, if I didnt respond, I apologize. I have been having a hard time recently, but I do appreciate you! Since being diagnosed with a Stage 3 Astrocytoma (brain cancer), I quit social media. I quit being social altogether. One of my doctors is nervous that I am cutting myself off from the world, and told me it would be best to return to social media, and maybe hes right. I dont like sharing the hard times. I like to keep it light…. but, this is life, and it gets real. Many of you have asked me to return and share again…. well, I will do my best! Know that I am a fighter, and imma beat the shit out of this! Remember, we all struggle with adversity in life, but its all comes down to how you handle it! I love you. #nevergiveup #muchlove #fighter #cancer #sick #positivevibes #life #live #fight #health #positivity #struggle #mma #wmma #dontquit #thankyou

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