If You Have to Ask.. How Good Can it Be?! Quality Organic CBD

People always ask me about quality CBD, and if theirs is good. I feel like if you have to ask, how good can it be? Is it organic? 🌱 Is it really CBD? Does it contain all 113 cannabinoids? Are you getting the results you seek? I have tried so much CBD on me and my clients with very few results on chronic conditions, and the only brand I have seen get profound, consistent results is Green Earth Hemp (now known as Magik Roots). To keep it 💯, I didnt even believe in hemp until I discovered them. It never worked for me eventhough it seemed everyone had a crazy success story. I have their products available in my wellness store, at the lowest prices available. The most therapeutic CBD RSO (RSHO) CBD oil, tea, honey, dog treats, and capsules!🙌🏼 100% organic, and made unlike any other. Great for cancer, prevention, nausea Alzheimer’s, seizures…. and the list goes on. The hemp products in my store contain 0.3% THC which will not get you high.
If you need help, DM me. I am here for you. ❤🙏🏼
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