Stop Headaches and Migraines Forever! What the Doctors Won’t Tell You!

You know those migraines that pop up at the worst times and make you turn off all of the lights? The ones that make your eyes tear up from the pain, your appetite go away, make you nauseous or cause you to vomit? Those head pounding, stabbing, shooting or throbbing… whatever combo the universe decides to throw at you headaches? The ones that make you dizzy, and see auras, and then they have the audacity to sometimes last for days? Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that!

I know how terrible and debilitating constant headaches and migraines can be because I used to have them every single day, and they were brutal! I’m going to share some surefire natural methods to combat migraines and headaches as well as some do’s and don’t. You will be surprised at the main contributors to your migraines! From the big things to little things, it all matters. I hope this information helps you, like it has helped me, and my clients around the world!


Turn the blue light filter on your phone if you have that feature. It really helps take that extra strain off your eyes and brain from staring at screens which are known to cause migraines and other negative effects.

Turn the brightness down! Our phones/computers have bright lights, and that glare can trigger headaches. See the relief you get from just a dimmer screen.  Your brain, and phone battery will thank you. 😊

Stress, Anxiety, and Frustration

A lot of us get triggered by all different things… But it’s not good to be set off so easily. You gotta learn how to deal with your sh*t! Seriously. You gotta find your zen – your peace, and don’t let anyone take it from you. Are you going to get upset, anxious, or frustrated, yes! We all do… But you gotta get a grip on how you handle it. I’m saying this from experience. When I would get upset, frustrated or anxious, the pain in my head would immediately activate, and start the vicious cycle. Once it got started, it was too late, I couldn’t stop it, and would have to let it run its course. When I learned to check myself and my energies, I learned how to control my emotions and feelings, and it helped tremendously.

Breathe – Everything is going to be okay. But you must believe this to be true.

Need help with breathing techniques? The Wim Hof Method is amazing for wellness and healing. I used his breathing techniques, and they helped greatly.

Yoga is also a great help. Trust me, it’s real! As a martial artist, I have trained and meditated.  I didn’t really believe in the power of Yoga, until it was my last resort. I had become disabled to the point where I could no longer do any of the physical activities that I once loved. I was so upset and frustrated from everything that was happening to me, I lost it and punched the wall and hurt my hand, like a dumb ass. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I knew I needed help… I signed up for a Yoga class. It was so transformative and it helped teach me balance and how to deal better in life. After my first class at the end of practice I was smiling so hard. All the negative feelings melted away.  It was magic, and I highly recommend it!

Connect with Nature

Go to the beach, go on a hike, stroll through the woods, relax by the lake. Collect rocks, stones, and crystals, whatever you like to do to connect with nature. Do it.  Nature is full of negative ions.  They neutralize free radicals, and revitalize cell metabolism.  That’s why you always feel better when you are in nature.  Take off your shoes and ground yourself to the earth.  It might not sound like much, but trust me, it is.  Make some time to connect back to the source.


Time to quit! Cigarettes are a complete NO NO, but you already knew that!

Cannabis is great, you know how much I love it.  (If you don’t, it helped save my life from an Inoperable Anaplastic Astrocytoma by ingesting it in a full plant extract aka RSO/FECO.) But smoking it can be a trigger.  The smoking can cause a change in pressure in your blood vessels. This can cause a headache.  While I was having migraines and headaches daily, I could no longer smoke cannabis because it made my symptoms worse. 😢

Water – Drink it!

All water is not created equal. Some water is actually bad for you. You can Google and see the tests they have done on your favorite bottled waters. I used to drink a gallon of Crystal Geyser everyday, thinking I was keeping my body hydrated and doing what I was supposed to do… Well, Crystal Geyser is rated D for water. It’s actually acidic. I wondered why I was still thirsty even though I was drinking so much water. I was hurting my body.

Alkaline Water

Natural waters are alkaline and that’s what is best for our bodies. The water out of the faucet is usually alkaline (you might want to use a filter), but you gotta watch out for these bottles waters. Do some research before buying it. I was introduced to Kangen water and was told about all of the health benefits. I didn’t really believe it, but I gave it try because I was intrigued.  You know how oil and water don’t mix? Well, that’s a lie. When I poured the Kangen water in with some oil, and stirred it, it actually mixed!!! Mind blown!🤯 If it was doing this to oil… What would it do to my body?!? It’s the best! I buy high alkaline water 5 gallon jugs for only $2/gallon from a local water store called Aqua H2Go in Los Angeles. I haven’t found a place that is better or more affordable.

Cut The Sugar!!!!

Now, I bet the doctor didn’t tell you that one of your biggest triggers is sugar!!! Yes, sugar! It’s in everything, and most of us love it! We are addicted to sugar and it is what is causing so many health problems. It’s a big culprit for lumps in the breast, as well. 🙏🏼 All of this processed, refined sugar is terrible for us! It is only supposed to be used sparingly, yet we overload our bodies with it daily. I have a serious sweet tooth. I love bread, cookies, cakes, and just sweets in general! But you wanna know what will happen to me today if I eat something with too much sugar? I will immediately get a headache. And no food is worth all of that pain.  There is a direct correlation. Sugar is the enemy, even though it tastes so good. Need a substitute for sugar…. Just eat some FRUIT!!!

Nutrition is EVERYTHING!!!

Diet matters!!!! Foods we think are good for us, can actually be triggers. Our nutrition is much more important than we have been led to believe.  We don’t get much education about proper diet and nutrition, and neither do most doctors.  They have little knowledge, and are not certified in nutrition, so they can not really inform you in this area.  Most medical problems can be addressed by a change in diet. You would be amazed how many things are connected to what we put into our bodies. But nutrition is not a one size fits all thing. Every BODY is different!!! To reset your body, I recommend following the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide for a minimum of 21 days. It is a very restrictive vegan alkaline diet, and to keep it 100… its sucks!!! Well, it does for most of us anyway… But you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to get better and stop suffering, and this is nutritional guide is it!!! It will help you heal and reset your body.

Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide

Most diseases are caused from mucus in the body, and a lot of the foods we consume generate mucus and inflammation, which also causes pain.  Remove the inflammation, and mucus, and the pain goes away! Comfrey and Fenugreek helps remove mucus in the body. It is an organic herbal supplement and available here. Like I said before, nutrition is not a one size fits all kinda thing.  Every BODY is different. Some of the foods considered healthy still gave me issues, and I didn’t know why.  I thought I was doing it all right… and then I discovered eating for you blood type.  Wow! I had never thought of that!  There are blood type diets that will help you fine tune the proper diet.  When I started following it, I felt amazing!  You will learn that you naturally like a lot of the foods that you are supposed to be eating, and dislike what you aren’t! ( Not all, but a lot…I wish it worked that way with sugar lol)

Sleep is Vital!

Sleep is vital, so the lack of it can be detrimental.  We often take sleep for granted when that is the time our body rests, restores and heals. Lack of sleep impairs your body’s functions and can be a cause of headaches and migraines. I didn’t sleep for 3 weeks due to my illness and constant pain and it even caused me to have seizures!


Triggered!!! Caffeine is a stimulant drug that people consume all day and then wonder why they can’t sleep well at night. 🤣 Okay, I am a hater. I don’t like caffeine. My body can’t handle it. I spazz out, my heart races, I get anxious, and hot, and it’s all bad… It feels like I took a drug, so I stay away completely. If you have migraines, you probably should too… It’s probably not helping. (If you have breast cancer or a lump in your breast, it ain’t helpin’ that either!) If you already have an addiction, it’s going to cause withdrawals when you stop, so it may cause headaches, but it’s time to cleanse yourself, and kick the habit. How are you gonna let some drug control you? You’re stronger than that.

BEWARE of Pharmaceuticals! Yes! Pharmaceuticals can cause headaches.  Its actually a common side effect of several of them. They would actually prescribe me medicines that caused headaches, to stop my headaches… and I would take them and wonder why I was getting worse. A withdrawal side effect of stopping these same medications is also headaches!!! So why do we do it? I was on 9 prescriptions at once for a while, and was still really sick! FAIL!!!

Amitriptyline – One of my medications, Amitriptyline, gave me a heart condition. I went from a resting heart rate of 50 BPM to 110 BPM. It was extremely scary.  My doctors didn’t want me to do anything, scared that I would have a heart attack.  It also made me gain 40 lbs, turned me into a zombie, made my hands shake uncontrollably, and made me only want to eat sugar, and absolutely no real food…but it was the most effective for my migraine… worth it? Not even maybe.

Nerve Blocks I would get nerve blocks to help get relief.  A nerve block is an injection into the most painful point in your head to basically turn off the pain at that nerve, and the first time, it helped with the pain and relieved some of the tension in my neck.  It also helped with my light sensitivity. The second time, I needed double the dosage and another injection site was added.  The third time my doctor had to push through the scar tissue of the previous injections, and I could hear the needle tearing through my scalp.  It was so weird.  My hair was also missing at the injection sites. (Nobody warned me!) They stopped being effective, so I stopped doing them.  I wish I would have stopped sooner. See me getting a nerve block here.  DO NOT WATCH IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE NEEDLES!

Botox – Yeah, I tried Botox too! My doctor thought it was worth a shot, and I was so miserable that I was like f*ck it, sure lets inject a straight toxin into my body to poison the area to make sure it doesn’t move. Sounds great! LoL! I took like 70 injections to the head and my face.  I wasn’t ready!!! * In my Kevin Hart voice * I have an extremely high tolerance for pain, so I was cool with the injections, but I was so dizzy when I was done. I felt like I was going to pass out, but I was fine.  I felt absolutely zero pain relief from Botox, but it did have my eyebrows looking fire when I hadn’t had them done in months. So… purely cosmetic.

Full Extract Cannabis Oil aka RSO/FECO

Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) aka Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a full plant cannabis extract. It contains THC and CBD, and all of the other amazing cannabinoids that your body loves.  This oil balances your body through homeostasis, so it helps terminate migraines. If you have no ailments, RSO is an amazing general health supplement that is amazing for prevention. RSO eased the pain in my head within minutes of taking it unlike anything I had ever experienced.  Real relief!  It also got rid of my nausea, and help stopped my vomiting.  It also gave me the best nights sleep that I had ever gotten, and stopped my seizures. Tension is a cause of headaches and it helped relax my body without having to take a muscle relaxer.  More info about RSO is available on my blog at If you need help with sourcing, contact me, and I would be happy to help!

RSO First Time Dosing Video


RSHO Stands for Rick Simpson Hemp Oil because unlike RSO, it is made from hemp. That means that it is very low in THC and high in CBD. RSHO is great for anyone who needs to stay away from THC. It will not cause you to get high, or to fail a drug test. It’s also a great daily supplement that is great for headaches, inflammation, as well as a great daily supplement that is good for all ages! Click here to order RSHO.

Magnesium & B12 A lack of of magnesium or B12 is a migraine waiting to happen.  A lot of us are deficient and don’t even realize the huge effect it is having on our bodies. If you have ever gone to the hospital for a migraine, they often administer a magnesium drip, which provides some relief, but it doesn’t last long because you are still deficient. B12 is important as well.  I was deficient and would get weekly injections that didn’t work on raising my levels.  Those didn’t change until I changed my diet. I also went as far as to learn how to administer my own magnesium drip at home. Watch me doing my own magnesium drip here. Crazy, I know, but whatever it takes, right?


CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can help with migraines.  CBD is safe for all ages, and does not cause any high, and will not show up on a drug test.  If you have a job and can’t have cannabis, you are safe with CBD.  All CBD isn’t created equal, and our bodies are different, so different CBD works best for different people.  Depending on what I have going on, I take different CBD. When I have a headache that is causing nausea, I take CBD, and it helps to get rid of it. I take 1200 mg CBD.  Well, honestly, I take the 1200 mg CBD everyday as a daily supplement.  Organic CBD is available here.


Frankincense provided me migraine relief through ingestion, and topically by applying it to my face and temples. Its aroma is therapeutic and does something to your brain.  I don’t know exactly what, but it feels good. It decreased the intensity and duration of my headaches.  Frankincense is an anti- inflammatory that has analgesic and tranquilizing properties that will help relax you, and ease your migraine.  I added Frankincense to my daily supplements, and it was a great help. Organic Frankincense is available here.


CKLS is an herbal formula and daily supplement that helped with my migraines, by cleansing my colon, kidney, liver, and spleen.  That’s what CKLS stands for.  When you eliminate the toxins from your body, you have less back up and things to cause headaches.  When these things are working efficiently, you feel good.  CKLS will cause you to poop your toxins away, but not in a bad way. I love it, and it is the best selling item in my wellness store due to its immediate positive effects. Who has a problem with getting a flat stomach while eliminating toxins and getting rid of your migraines? Organic CKLS available here.

I hope this helps you or a loved one get the relief you seek!  Be sure to share this info with anyone you know it may help.  I have more information about natural healing available on my BLOG. If I have helped you or a loved one in any way, or if you simply support my cause, and want to help others, please make a donation to my 501(c)3 non profit organization, Melana Cares, where we help people who are struggling financially receive the natural treatments they need completely free of charge! Your donation means more than you can imagine, and will help save lives! Every dollar is appreciated. 🙏🏼 Click here to donate or visit and click ‘Make a Donation.’  Thank you. Stay strong, and never give up! You got this! 

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