Stop Headaches and Migraines Forever! What the Doctors Won't Tell You!

You know those migraines that pop up at the worst times and make you turn off all of the lights? The ones that make your eyes tear up from the pain, your appetite go away, make you nauseous or cause you to vomit? Those head pounding, stabbing, shooting or throbbing… whatever combo the universe decides to throw at you headaches? The ones that make you dizzy, and see auras, and then they have the audacity to sometimes last for days? Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that! I know how terrible and......

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Knowing Your Blood Type is Important to Your Health!

Blood Type and Your Health Do you know your blood type?  If you aren’t sure, don’t feel bad.  Most of us haven’t been educated about our blood types and the significance it has on our overall health.  When I was going through my battle with different chronic illnesses, I tried everything natural I could think of.  I followed many diets and protocols, and I even struggled with the vegan, alkaline, Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide. Why was I struggling when others were doing great?  I kept asking myself what causes people to get......

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