The Endocannabinoid System

Did you know this? 🌱 Cannabis saved my life, now I am on a mission to help others get natural healing. If you need help. ❤ I am here for you.

This Plant Has Many Names, I Call it Medicine

It’s my medicine, and it saved my life in the form of full extract cannabis oil aka RSO aka FECO. Nothing else worked when I was dying of brain cancer, but this plant did what the doctors couldn’t. I am now cancer free after having an aggressive, inoperable brain tumor. I know what it’s done […]

Brain Cancer & RSO (Testimonial)

RSO for the win, again! I love good news! Thank you for sharing! 🙏🏼 Happy birthday Jamie, and Happy Holidays! 🎉🎊

How to Make Cannabis Oil (RSO) at Home with Rick Simpson!

They it don’t like when I share these do it yourself videos… But It’s not all about money…🙅🏽‍♀️ Profits should never be placed over helping and educating others. Many people from around the world have successfully made their own oil from me sharing these videos.🙌🏼 Please be careful. 🙏🏼 Special thanks to the man himself, […]