C-1 for Cancer Patients. A Great Daily Supplement!

C-1 (Cancer) is an organic herbal supplement that I took dailyduring my battle with brain cancer. I personally recommend it to all cancer patients to help their body heal. It contains all organic: ­čî┐ Shave Grass­čî┐Comfrey Root­čî┐Aloe Vera Resin­čî┐Yellow Dock­čî┐Barberry Root­čî┐Dandelion Root ­čî┐Garlic ­čî┐And Capsicum It contains no cannabis. I took two capsules 2 times […]

I Don’t Need to Wear Glasses Anymore! Improve your vision with nature!

My eyes were deteriorating and I didn’t want to keep needing stronger glasses. I figured, just like anything else, there had to be something natural I could do. Well, I found it! E-YE is an organic herbal supplement that corrected my vision within two weeks of consistent use in the mornings. I no longer need […]