You’ve Been Asking…

Click here to play video.  Thank you for all the love! ❤️ To all of my new subscribers & followers… Hi! Allow me to answer some questions for you.

I was diagnosed with a plethora of diseases and disorders, an Anaplastic Astrocytoma being the worst. I declined traditional treatments. No chemo, no radiation. I also quit all other medication which caused terrible withdrawals.
(This is not the recommended route, it’s just what I felt was best for me because the pharmaceuticals were making me sicker)

By natural route, I mean proper nutrition, herbs, oils, breathing, mindset, etc. It’s a lifestyle. I researched Dr. Sebi, Wim Hof, Rick Simpson and followed a lot of their practices. I followed the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide while healing and recommend it to everyone working on healing from illness/disease. I have various nutritional guides, available on my blog.  Click here for the Dr. Sebi Nutritional guide.

At the beginning of my journey I went to Dr. Sebi’s office and got a consultation to get the herbs I needed. I paid a lot of money for his herbs, and later realized after researching, that the herbs weren’t really that expensive. I found I could get those same herbs for 1/3 of the price. I started taking those herbs, and am still taking them today.  I have made those herbs available for purchase in my wellness store. @melanawellness  Click here to visit my wellness store!

What’s the name of the oil?! Tiktok won’t allow me to disclose the name of oil that I am taking, but it’s called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) aka FECO. It is available in some dispensaries, you can make it yourself (I have videos on my blog, YouTube, and @cannaconsultant1 page), and if you need help finding reliable sourcing, DM me, and I will assist you. Please be patient with me as I get hundreds of messages daily.

If you want to use RSO, but want to avoid the high completely, try suppositories. They bypass the liver, so you won’t get high. Just don’t push it up too far.  Click here for more information about suppositories.

If you can’t have THC, try RSHO. RSO from hemp, and it is available in my wellness store (link in bio.)  Click here for RSHO in my wellness store!

I am currently on hiatus from phone consultations, but I am still here if you need help. Click the link below to contact me directly, or for more info. I love you! ❤️

Melana “23” Smith